H2 Mineral Infusion Skincare from Tulip!

With all the natural ingredients in the skincare marketplace, it can be challenging to determine the best cocktail for your unique skin. After working with medicinal herbs for years, Tulip Perfume founder, Victoria England, asked herself the same question while researching her skincare line. Drawing on her knowledge as a perfumer, England wanted to create products that addressed the root of inflammation and free radical damage. Her research led her to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Norbert Chirase, a Univeristy of Texas A&M trained nutritionist who has studied Humic-Fulvic acids for the past 25 years. Speaking to Dr. Chirase over the phone, he was thrilled to discuss how effective Humic-Fulvic acids can be in reversing cellular damage and maintaining a healthy immune system. As Tulip prepares to launch their H2 Mineral Infusion line – including a moisturizer, eye cream and two serums with active hemp CBD and Humic-Fulvic acid – Dr. Chirase explains how these organic compounds can actually fight chronic diseases, reverse free radical damage, and improve the absorption of other macro-nutrients.  


Humic acid is an organic compound that is extracted from the earth’s soil, rock sediments, and bodies of water. Most efficient when working against heavy metals and toxins found in the gut, Humic acid is often recommended as a dietary supplement. Across the nation, medical researchers are finding increasing evidence that a well-balanced gut flora is the best indicator of a healthy immune system. Fulvic acid is type of Humic acid found in Humic substances. But with a smaller molecular structure, Fulvic acid can successfully penetrate cell mitochondria – aka, our skin! 

When Dr. Chirase first began observing the positive effect of Humic acid on sick animals, researchers began to understand the level of mineral deficiency in modern diets. As Humic-Fulvic acid is extracted from sedimentary rocks, seaweed, and soil, it carries rare minerals that have been nutritionally depleted from the plants and animals we consume. A nutrient booster, Fulvic acid also helps us absorb probiotics and fatty acids, in addition to medicinal ingredients like CBD. As Victoria England explains, “The CBD and Humic-Fulvic do the heavy lifting while supported by a rich ingredient deck of organic, plant-based extracts." Derived from million-year-old soils, Humic-Fulvic acids deliver 72 naturally occurring minerals to the skin’s surface, reversing cellular damage. This boost of antioxidants protects the epidermal layer by neutralizing free radicals and acts as a veil to protect from anything applied to the skin afterward. 

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This week, Tulip is in New York City at the Indie Beauty Expo sharing the Tulip story of healing herbs, aromatherapy, non-psychoactive CBD, and Humic-Fulvic with the thousands in attendance. Like Dr. Chirase, Victoria becomes effusive when talking about how transformative Humic-Fulvic is for our skin. By boosting the absorption of other medicinal ingredients, Humic-Fulvic ensures that our cells are fighting free radicals and eliminating toxins. As a cannabis advocate and longtime Humboldt County resident, Victoria is thrilled that medical researchers are finally recommending that we treat our bodies with the same organic nutrients that cannabis farmers have fed their plants for generations – the result is youthful vitality and good health. 

Stay tuned for the launch of Tulip’s H2 Mineral Infusion Line – these revolutionary skincare products will be available SOON! Featuring Tulip’s signature essential oil blends, the protective serums, eye cream, and ageless moisturizer will enchant your senses AND regenerate your skin. 

Questions about Humic-Fulvic, non-pyschoactive CBD or Tulip’s products? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tulipperfume.com