To Blog or not to Blog..That is the Question!

Hello friends.

I am Victoria England, the owner of Tulip Perfume and I welcome you here!

This is my first blog post so bare with me. I have often considered doing a blog for our website but have only just decided to make this task a priority.  You may ask why? Seemingly today it's crucial to take all opportunity to share information with your customers and potential businesses partners. However, the truth is that most small businesses like Tulip don't have the time to tackle social media, blog posts and newsletters.

We strive to share the best quality products for you all, But lately Ive been asking myself, "Are we also striving to bring them the best information about these types of products, and the industry in general?"

Today I'm starting the owner of this company I will continue to grow and expand my own knowledge about natural beauty products and the industry, and I will share with you my findings.

I will also share with you my community.  Humboldt County is a rich and diverse place and there is a lot happening here that the rest of the world should see.  Along with myself there are hundreds of entrepreneurs crafting and creating amazing things behind the Redwood curtain.  I'd like you to also meet them! Perhaps you'll be inspired to come to the majestic Redwood Coast of California to see for yourself.

In the mean time, as you may now start to google flights to Arcata. (That's ACV Airport for those about to check it out), please stay tuned for more on our blog!

Today's finding are this:  Cucumbers over the eyes ACTUALLY works to reduce inflammation!  I cant believe it!  I did some tests after a night of one too many champagnes and not much sleep.  I saw a reduction in puffiness and tired eyes.  I wanted to share that because of course we have all heard this works, but have we actually tried it?  Organic Cucumber is better. :)