A Windy Weekend!

We survived a massive storm here in Humboldt County, CA this weekend! Winds of 60 MPH ripped through our little coastal streets taking out power lines, fences, trees, you name it. My fiancé's mother lives on 3 acres in the Redwoods up the hill from the little fishing village of Trinidad.  She was lucky to have missed a 30 foot top of a Redwood tree falling 6 inches from the house.  It took out all of her power, large portion of fencing and chicken coop..chickens are fine :)

I was fortunate to not have lost power this weekend and spent time drinking hot cinnamon tea and diving into the worm hole of social media.  On Friday Tulip had some big press and I was able to see how fast the "buzz feed" works.  Here's a link to our article in the Times Standard: http://www.times-standard.com/general-news/20150205/local-mixologists-products-launch-on-targetcom

I also did a TV Interview with fox 28.  See link: http://www.krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/news/tulip-goes-nationwide/31147826 it was certainly an experience to do the interview! I was very nervous and worried that i wouldn't be able to speak as eloquently as usual about my company!  but i pulled through and the piece is very good.

twitter had some interesting turns this weekend as people started seeing tulip in the press.  we gained many new followers!  we have been making twitter relationships and that makes me happy.  a few to mention...la vanila, a natural fragrance and body care company whom i admire a great deal, vegan beauty review, cult of pretty, jane daly, just to name a few whom are beauty bloggers. its great to finally connect with the natural beauty portal in social media. 

My favorite deodorant!

My favorite deodorant!

vegan beauty review had tweeted a segment about vegan beauty products at target!  I chimed in and said, "Us too", just online!  Here is there blogpost:


I hope that they get a chance to review some of our beautiful perfumes!  target has been making a major effort to join the green beauty movement, and i applaud that!

Overall its been a great weekend.  Windy walks on the beach both Sat and sun, dinner with my girlies at brick and fire in eureka, one of humboldt's best restaurants! And of course social media buzz and fun!

Hope you all have a happy week! stay dry and warm and smiley!


Victoria England

Tulip CEo and Founder