Sexy Valentine and Moving Forward

Today another Monday rolls around.  And yes, we are moving forward.

That seemed to be the theme for this weekend here in Humboldt.  Whether it was on a business level, relationship, or friendship, moving forward ends up being the best and only way to survive.

Tulip has been invited to a very important meeting in another state, to meet with a major brick and mortar retailer.  In only two short weeks we have had to pull together our team, create a strategic plan, create an investment portfolio, a product road-map and a powerful presentation to demonstrate why Tulip is so right for their stores, and for the beauty industry in general.  This is MOVING FORWARD!  It is the natural progression of all things.  When you work so hard on something for so long there ends up being an enormous amount of momentum behind you, that eventually pops and sends you flying into space. GRATITUDE can be our only mantra. Given this amount of work we are doing, I am finding it hard to sleep! I have back tension and headaches.  This too is part of the process! This kind of growth and "moving forward" can be very stressful and hard to manage.  So what am I doing to take care of myself? BATHS! WALKS! SEX!

Yes you heard me, sex.  It is the #1 stress reliever.  If you are fortunate to have a loving partner or someone you trust, sex can help reduce your stress levels.  A little Lavender Rose Oil by Tulip helps calm the senses and create a bond between two people. We have had several customers coming back for more Lavender Rose from our Charmed Collection, because they said they use it for massaging their partner!  This is great news. we had a local car salesman come in for this product for his wife.  turns out he used it to set the mood for a romantic interlude, and she sent her friends here to get some too! she must have been pleased with the results!  This product is fabulous and turning out to be a BEST SELLER!  It is French Lavender and Rose Absolute Essential Oils in an organic Jojoba base.  It's the purest of the pure! It was a happy Valentine's day here in humboldt.  hope you found love, in whatever form it came to you!



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