Natural Products Expo West ~The Beauty of it All ~

Greetings Everyone!

What an amazing last week we have had here at Tulip! After my trip to Minneapolis to Target Headquarters, we set off to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West!  Being our second year at the show I knew what to expect and had done things differently this time around!  Instead of driving down a rental van packed with booth materials (14 hours one way), we flew! We were brave and shipped the booth down this year and it was so worth it.  We used the GES freight option and they were extremely helpful in the process.  The show was a hit!  We had many people coming directly to see us, having already looked us up or heard about Tulip Perfume.  I was thrilled with their responses.  Ive never seen so many women smell my perfumes and have a total emotional reaction.  I think what I have achieved is the ability to create scents that remind people of someone or somewhere.  This can be a very powerful thing. Our Tea Rose seems to remind many of their grandmothers house or bedroom.  One woman's eyes filled with tears at remembering, and then mine filled with tears too.  It truly is a human experience to remember fondly our loved ones and all the memories.  

tulip's charmed collection created a stir with our whimsical earthy displays, and chunky stunning amethyst crystals abound.

At the show we were invited to sing karaoke one night at a whole foods party! Wow, and that is exactly what I did! Those of you that know me, know that i love karaoke!  I sang some songs and had some good conversation with fellow industry leaders.  Expo west brought so many new people my way, new connections which i see as being long lasting relationships.  I am excited to share more as they unfold.

So what were some of my favorite products at the show this year?? Easy!

Acure Organics! A new and very clean skin & haircare line based out of florida.

beautiful products by acure!

beautiful products by acure!

scotch naturals--natural nail polish! revolutionizing the nail care industry-with a most non toxic and water based line of beautiful nail lacquers.