Mid-West and travel tips

This weekend I returned from Minneapolis, where I met with Beauty buyers at Target Headquarters.  They were very friendly and hospitable. My entire time there I found everyone to be the same.  I met many locals who were born and raised in Minnesota, and they all had a common kindness I found endearing.

Oh but the climate there!! It was -15 when I got off the plane!  Each day the temperatures remained cold and dry.  My skin took a beating.  At one point my face was chapped from walking down the street. What were my remedies?

SALVE!!  I make a great skin salve out of jojoba oil, coconut oil, infused herbs and essential oils.  I had this in my purse at all times and used it for face, lips and hands. 

Lip Balm!!  I use Kivi Organics Lip Balm!! I love all of their products! I also had an EOS lip balm in my luggage! 

Target has impressed me lately with the hiring of their new CEO Brian Cornell.  He is taking on a new perspective about what Target guests needs and wants are.  And I have a funny story.  I had just got out of my meeting with Target's fragrance buyer.  It was a great meeting.  I was leaving the offices and ended up out in the Skyway System, in between restaurants and shops.  I was looking for a restroom.  I see a man coming toward me on his phone.  He was the first person closest to me and he looked like he knew where he was going.  I stopped him politely and asked "Can you please tell me where the restroom is?"  He stopped and looked around and smiled and began to say he wasn't sure where it was from there.  I realized very quicky after asking him, that he was Target's CEO Brian Cornell!  He was very polite and had a friendliness to him.  I thanked him and let him on his way.  I couldn't believe that I had asked the CEO of Target where the restrooms were!  How funny! See below an image of Minneapolis Skywalk system

Restaurants i recommend in Minneapolis! 


the union rooftop

Surdyk's-minneapolis airport

I want to thank the hyatt regency there for being so helpful and accommodating.  I would most definitely return there to stay.

Have a lovely weekend!