Understanding Full Spectrum Hemp CBD

Know Thy Source 

As the wave of herbal legalization continues to spread across North America, CBD products have flooded the shelves of grocery stores, dispensaries, and even coffee shops. For new consumers who want to sample CBD products for the first time, it can be tricky to navigate the selection and understand labels. Consumers may wonder:

·     Is CBD legal? Sometimes, as it depends on which state and county you live and the type of CBD oil used – which is what we’re here to discuss!

·     Is CBD the same as marijuana?Yes and NO. CBD is a naturally occurring compound in both cannabis sativa and hemp. While hemp does come from the cannabis sativa plant, it’s not cultivated for its flowers, which contain little to no THC (unlike cannabis). Historically, hemp plants have been grown for their fiber, yet today, medical researchers understand more than ever about the medicinal uses of Hemp CBD.

·     Is CBD good for me?Yes! With the lift on prohibition, medical researchers are finally studying the long-observed positive effects of CBD on mind and body. At Tulip, a holistic beauty brand inspired by nature, our products are born from the heritage of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. By combining her knowledge of medicinal herbs with the healing potency of Hemp CBD, Tulip’s founder, Victoria England, has released a dynamic new line of wellness products. In developing her skincare serums and tinctures, Victoria has been committed to securing the best quality full spectrum CBD oil* from a licensed master extractor in the state of Nevada. Full spectrum CBD oil is derived from cannabis sativa and actually contains cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabinoid that works to reduce inflammation and anxiety. The CBD oil in Tulip’s products is full spectrum, which is fundamentally different from the CBD isolate found in most ingestible CBD products on the market.


At Tulip, a holistic beauty brand inspired by nature, our products are born from the heritage of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. By combining her knowledge of medicinal herbs with the healing potency of Hemp CBD, Tulip’s founder, Victoria England, has released a dynamic new line of wellness products. In developing her skincare serums and tinctures, Victoria has been committed to securing the best quality full spectrum CBD oil* from a licensed master extractor in the state of Nevada. Full spectrum CBD oil is derived from cannabis sativa and actually contains cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabinoid that works to reduce inflammation and anxiety. The CBD oil in Tulip’s products is full spectrum, which is fundamentally different from the CBD isolate found in most ingestible CBD products on the market.

The CBD oil in our Tulip skincare product and tinctures is sourced from premium whole cannabis sativa plants (with low THC content) by using CO2 extraction, a costly but clean and solvent-less process. The end result is a premium CBD oil containing high level of cannabinoids and a possessing a strong medicinal effect. In a very different process, hemp seed oil (often simply labeled as hemp oil) is made from pressing plant seeds, resulting in a nutritious, though not specifically medicinal, ingestible oil. Hemp seed oil has been used for decades in variety of health food products including granola, milk, and butter. While hemp seed oil has high levels of protein, it’s problematic to rebrand such products as containing “CBD” when their ingredients have not changed. Unfortunately, such labels are misleading for consumers.  


On the other hand, full spectrum CBD oil is derived from whole plant extraction and results in an oil that is rich with flavonoids, fatty acids, and terpenes. These essential compounds work together in a process known as "the entourage effect.” By interacting synergistically, the terpenes, fatty acids, and cannabinoids work together, magnifying their potential therapeutic benefit. In short, the entourage effect becomes exponential when all the plant’s compounds work together with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. Because every human has endocannabinoid receptors throughout their body and mind, CBD works with receptors to elevate the ability of various bio functions such as stress response and cell regeneration.

For the effective relief of anxiety and stress, we recommend taking Tulip’s Wellness Tincture 1-3 times daily for optimal results. Each serving is 1ml or 20 drops of liquid that contains 10 mg of Hemp CBD. For individuals seeking to alleviate more severe ailments for pain, better results may occur with 3-6 servings daily. Each individual’s needs and dosage will vary. 

We are happy to see more and more Americans gaining access to healing products like Tulip’s tinctures and our line of Active Hemp skincare. But as these products gain traction, we are committed to providing transparent and comprehensive education around our ingredients and process. 

Have questions? Please reach out on FB, IG, or at info@tulipperfume.com.

With love,

Tulip Beauty and Wellness 

*None of these statements have been approved or endorsed by the FDA

Beyond the Label with H2 Mineral Moisturizer

Today’s digital marketplace offers incredible diversity and endless choices, but the stream of content can clutter our perspective and confuse our instincts. What herbal supplement should I take? Is tap water safe to drink? What’s good for anti-aging and inflammation? These are often questions without easy answers. But at Tulip - a holistic beauty brand inspired by nature - we believe in following an ingredient to its source and using herbs and minerals to optimize wellness. Pretty simple, right? 


Finding a balance between the natural world and our physical bodies is where our healthiest selves thrive. 11 years ago, Tulip started making natural, vegan, and cruelty-free fragrances, inspired by the flora and fauna of Humboldt County, California. Today, we're proud to introduce our new line of skincare products, infused with Humic acid and Hemp CBD, in addition to a proprietary blend of essential oils. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and extracts of sandalwood, geranium, and rose, our H2 Mineral Infusion Ageless Light Moisturizer delivers natural hydration without any heaviness or oily residue. To understand how these skincare products works synergistically with our natural ability to fight toxins and stress, let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at our Mineral Infusion Moisturizer:

  • Due to its small molecular size, sodium hyaluronate can hold more water than any other natural substance - up to 1,000 times its weight in water! This allows our moisturizer to reach deep into the dermis and draw water to the skin. An all-round super hydrating product, our Mineral Infusion Moisturizer will result in smoother, softer skin with less wrinkles and an all-around fuller appearance.

  • Bisabolol has been used in cosmetics for hundreds of years for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. We trust traditional knowledge.

  • The unmistakable allure of frankincense is the backbone of our moisturizer’s intoxicating aromatics, but it also alleviates stress, soothes dry skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and scars. Yes please! 

  • Recall your youth with ylang ylang, an exotic aromatic and healing essential oil made from the flowers of the cananga tree. Ylang ylang is valued for its perfume and it’s potent ability to increase relaxation, lower high blood pressure, and increase sexual desire. Feeling ageless yet? 

  • The key benefitsof pomegranate sterols are moisture and protection – exactly what your skin needs to thrive! We infused our moisturizer – perfect for AM or PM applications - with pomegranate sterols to quench your skin, while protecting it from the harshness of daily exposure.

  • Don’t let the dainty sounding name fool you - evening primrose oil is loaded with essential fatty acids to help with hormonal balance and digestion – two of the most essential processes to maintaining healthy and happy skin.  


Hemp and CBD 101: Understanding Plant Medicine & Skincare

In the United States, lip balm and organic t-shirts made from hemp are sold at natural food stores and head shops across the country. Most consumers understand that there’s a connection between hemp and cannabis, but few of us truly understand the complex relationships between each plant and our health. While both are members of the cannabis sativa family, marijuana – now, commonly known as cannabis – is famous for the mental and physical “high” caused by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Hemp, cultivated for food and fiber across the world, is non-psychoactive but still highly medicinal. In the United States, hemp must legally contain less than 0.3% THC, but all hemp products contain cannabidiol or CBD. In the past decade, countless of Americans have found profound therapeutic applications of CBD, which helps to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, and modern immunodeficiencies. 


Today, nearly half of U.S. states regulate hemp separately from cannabis, allowing hemp products to be sold nationwide. But many of these products are fundamentally different from Tulip’s line of skincare serums as they contain hemp seed oil instead of hemp CBD. The distinction is a powerful one. While hemp seeds are highly nutritious, they do not contain the cannabinoids that directly impact our endocannabinoid system, a complex physiological process that helps oversee our mind-body connection. As we have endocannabinoid receptors throughout our brain and body, the supplemental cannabinoids in Tulip’s products work directly with our endocannabinoid systems to promote healing, alleviate chronic pain, and decrease anxiety. While hemp seed oil is rich in omegas, fatty acids and contains anti-inflammatory health benefits, it alone does not contain CBD or any other cannabinoids.


As a brand that believes in the medicinal properties of hemp - and science of the endocannabinoid system and hemp CBD - Tulip is proud to offer skincare products that are safe and accessible to ALL! Now available online and at select retailers nationwide, each jar of Tulip’s Hemp Therapy Body Cream is packed with 400 mg of active hemp. As a brand with deep roots in California’s Humboldt County, hemp-infused skincare has been a natural progression for Tulip and inspired by knowledge from Humboldt County’s world-famous cannabis farmers. By fortifying the active hemp with shea butter and essentials oils, each body cream is rich, therapeutic, and soothing. 

Made with love and natural plant healing, our Hemp Therapy Body Creams are available in calming Lavender, warming Citrus Blossom, and balancing Eucalyptus. Capturing the wild essence of herbs and flowers since 2007, Tulip is proud to share our Hemp Therapy Body Creams with one and all. 

H2 Mineral Infusion Skincare from Tulip!

With all the natural ingredients in the skincare marketplace, it can be challenging to determine the best cocktail for your unique skin. After working with medicinal herbs for years, Tulip Perfume founder, Victoria England, asked herself the same question while researching her skincare line. Drawing on her knowledge as a perfumer, England wanted to create products that addressed the root of inflammation and free radical damage. Her research led her to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Norbert Chirase, a Univeristy of Texas A&M trained nutritionist who has studied Humic-Fulvic acids for the past 25 years. Speaking to Dr. Chirase over the phone, he was thrilled to discuss how effective Humic-Fulvic acids can be in reversing cellular damage and maintaining a healthy immune system. As Tulip prepares to launch their H2 Mineral Infusion line – including a moisturizer, eye cream and two serums with active hemp CBD and Humic-Fulvic acid – Dr. Chirase explains how these organic compounds can actually fight chronic diseases, reverse free radical damage, and improve the absorption of other macro-nutrients.  


Humic acid is an organic compound that is extracted from the earth’s soil, rock sediments, and bodies of water. Most efficient when working against heavy metals and toxins found in the gut, Humic acid is often recommended as a dietary supplement. Across the nation, medical researchers are finding increasing evidence that a well-balanced gut flora is the best indicator of a healthy immune system. Fulvic acid is type of Humic acid found in Humic substances. But with a smaller molecular structure, Fulvic acid can successfully penetrate cell mitochondria – aka, our skin! 

When Dr. Chirase first began observing the positive effect of Humic acid on sick animals, researchers began to understand the level of mineral deficiency in modern diets. As Humic-Fulvic acid is extracted from sedimentary rocks, seaweed, and soil, it carries rare minerals that have been nutritionally depleted from the plants and animals we consume. A nutrient booster, Fulvic acid also helps us absorb probiotics and fatty acids, in addition to medicinal ingredients like CBD. As Victoria England explains, “The CBD and Humic-Fulvic do the heavy lifting while supported by a rich ingredient deck of organic, plant-based extracts." Derived from million-year-old soils, Humic-Fulvic acids deliver 72 naturally occurring minerals to the skin’s surface, reversing cellular damage. This boost of antioxidants protects the epidermal layer by neutralizing free radicals and acts as a veil to protect from anything applied to the skin afterward. 

SC_CalmingEyeCream_c2 (1).jpg


This week, Tulip is in New York City at the Indie Beauty Expo sharing the Tulip story of healing herbs, aromatherapy, non-psychoactive CBD, and Humic-Fulvic with the thousands in attendance. Like Dr. Chirase, Victoria becomes effusive when talking about how transformative Humic-Fulvic is for our skin. By boosting the absorption of other medicinal ingredients, Humic-Fulvic ensures that our cells are fighting free radicals and eliminating toxins. As a cannabis advocate and longtime Humboldt County resident, Victoria is thrilled that medical researchers are finally recommending that we treat our bodies with the same organic nutrients that cannabis farmers have fed their plants for generations – the result is youthful vitality and good health. 

Stay tuned for the launch of Tulip’s H2 Mineral Infusion Line – these revolutionary skincare products will be available SOON! Featuring Tulip’s signature essential oil blends, the protective serums, eye cream, and ageless moisturizer will enchant your senses AND regenerate your skin. 

Questions about Humic-Fulvic, non-pyschoactive CBD or Tulip’s products? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tulipperfume.com 

OUR BLOG IS BACK! And some CBD to follow!

Greetings friends!

Yes it has been three years since I wrote a blog post! I have in that time had a baby boy, who is now two years old, and grown my business substantially! These days a 40 hour work week looks something like a scene from Cocktail where Tom Cruz has to make a thousand fancy drinks in five minutes, meanwhile keeping his girlfriend happy. Well something along those lines but with a toddler! I am a working mom now, when I get home from work I cook dinner for my son Grayson and my hubby Joel. We chat about the day, read some books and then its bed-time where I always fall asleep with my two year old because, hey why not. I need the sleep because during the day my brain is on overload! I am multi tasking like crazy. This week has been all about design work, but the daily stuff that needs done doesn't just slip away. I have to shift gears and turn my focus to finances for a few hours, then there was a creative team call (the exciting stuff), meeting with display maker for Indie Beauty Expo, then some CBD Cream production, then back to design and maybe then the day is done.

I think many mothers can relate to what I do, even if they don't have a business or even a job because motherhood alone is a massive task that takes an incredible amount of focus, determination, multi-tasking, patience, understanding, analysis and energy! Those of us that do have to be away from our little ones during the day, we miss them. I miss my son everyday I'm at work, it's just a fact of life for me right now. I mention this because the stress can be overwhelming. We get run down, lose sleep, lose patience, and some of the new products I am launching can certainly help us all with these issues.

I am excited about the new projects we are working on. In the coming weeks you will see more and more about our new product lines. At first you might think its very different from perfume, so why is it all under the Tulip brand? There is a reason and we will explain in full what we have done in the past and what we are doing into the future around CBD.

CBD is trending, unless you have been under a rock the last couple of years it is pretty big! There is a reason, in fact many reasons which I will share with you through this Blog on our website and in Newsletters, so subscribe if you can!

I am happy to be back writing here! I do have a creative team who are also very passionate about Wellness and about Tulip's new CBD Topicals, Tinctures and Skincare products and you will see posts from them as well!

In the meantime stay focused, breathe and keep the stress down.

All the Best


Victoria England


Humboldt Made. Working in Co-opetition!

Since I first got involved with Humboldt Made I have used the phrase Co-opetition so many times in my business dealings.  Everyone I state that phrase too lights up, laughs and really becomes inspired by the notion.

Humboldt Made is an organization that helps local small businesses become successful larger businesses. Being behind the Redwood Curtain and all, we are often sheltered from the outside world of commerce and business networks.  Tulip is a perfect example of a business that has seen tremendous benefits from becoming a member of Humboldt Made, and I would like to share with you in that experience!

So it all started in March of 2013 when HM's founder Angie Schwab put out an add for a call to local businesses to come and be a part of a buyer tour here at Mad River Brewery Tap Room in Blue Lake.  I had not had any local involvement in the business community up until this point.  I had been in business for many years and had somehow missed the train to the center of Humboldt's business networks.  It wasn't intentional by any means, just unfortunate.  I decided to respond to this add and was immediately contacted by Angie about getting involved with Humboldt Made.  It was too late to get me on board for that years event, but she really wanted me to attend so that I could start getting involved.

I showed up and of course saw all my local faires that I know and love on display.  Everyone was happily sharing what they have and there seemed to be a strong sense of pride and ownership gleaming from these amazing artisan business owners.  I knew I wanted to join in.  I needed to feel supported in my efforts too, after all I had no one to talk to about business in my world.  No one to bounce ideas off of, to help me learn from my mistakes, to help me make better decisions.

Humboldt Made expressed themselves proudly and its business members having "rural sophistication" was the talk of the town.  I became engaged. I met so many sweet people with very similar passions as my own. Yes, some of them were in direct competition with me, and many in competition for the dollar in general. This did not stop us from becoming friends and wanting to help each other along the way.  I noticed people offering to pass along contact and networking information, or offer to send their competitors samples to a buyer.  This is not general practice in the world of business.  Everyone knows that your competitors are your enemy right? NO that is the opposite of what happens at Humboldt Made.  People are working in Co-opetition and its very inspiring!

After the first buyer tour I was approached by Angie and she mentioned that I had been nominated to be on HM's Board of Directors.  I was like, "Me"? And looking around to see make sure. I was so elated that I had been considered for this position.  I had no Board experience but Angie said that other board members found me mature and very business minded, and that was what they were looking for.  So then my journey working within the organization began. 

I felt so proud to sit at a table with all of these professionals in my community. Owners of businesses that I have admired, respected and supported for almost 20 years. Fire and Light, SunValley, Six Rivers Brewery, Mad River Brewery, Eel River Grass Fed Beef, Humboldt Hot Sauce, Los Bagels, Riverbend Cellars and lets not forget Yakima! The board was so diverse with professionals like Chris Gaines from HSU and Alanna Powell from Folklife Society and SnapFan. The experience to work with these folks, mix with them and be of equals boosted my esteem in so many ways. And guess what? It boosted my business.  All of a sudden everyone wanted to help me and see Tulip succeed.

We had an event, "Humboldt Made Film Premiere" September of 2013. I was asked to speak at this event which was my first public speaking experience. It was nerve racking.  I had just been to New York for an event called Elements NYC, a perfumers showcase in upscale Manhattan.  I got up and spoke about my experience, and this is what I shared on stage with a shaky but proud voice...........Going to Elements was not planned very far in advance! I was asked last minute to participate, pulled the funds together and called Angie. "HELP" I said. "I need to pull this off". Angie immediately said she wanted me to take product from HM members over to share with the shows promoters.  She called upon Bill Prescott (HM Board member) and Marketing Manager at Sunvalley Foral Farms. "Let's send tons of Tulips to NYC for Tulip's booth"! Next thing I know she has me going over to Baroni to set me up with jewelry sets to wear at the show.  Dick Taylor chocolates sent me over with a box of their chocolate bars and Riverbend Cellars with a case of wine! I'm now a walking Humboldt Made ad!!  I was overwhelmed with support and encouragement.  I still to this day cant thank everyone enough for pulling that together! When my speech was done everyone was clapping and I was crying inside.  I felt for the first time in my life that someone appreciated my efforts and I was lifted up to see the horizon of what the future could bring.

Humboldt Made has continued to pull through for Tulip on so many levels. I have had mentoring from Don Banducci, one of Humboldt's most famous business owners, being one of the founders of Yakima. We have had many good talks in "The House that Yakima built" aka Don's home! He has always welcomed all of us budding entrepreneurs into his home and amongst his family. We continue to feel supported by other new mentors as well as Tulip grows! 

Giving back? YES!  This spring we are working with a group of student from Humboldt State University who are in a Business Consulting class. We have opened up our doors and all of our secrets to allow them to study what we do.  It has been a good experience. I personally am mentoring small businesses every chance I can, when I am asked or needed.  I hope to continue to give back to new HM members what has been given to me.

So here we are in 2015, and Humboldt Made has a new Executive Director this year, Aaron Carter.  Angie moved to North Carolina with her family and we were kind of devastated.  More emotionally than anything else!  The transition has been a challenge but we are doing so many great things this year and next year, and Humboldt Made is sure to continue to shine and do what it has always done best, help others by working in CO-OPETITION!

Thanks for reading and Happy Spring!


Victoria England - Tulip Founder/Mixologist

Beach Waves, Sea Salt and Redwoods

As many of you know, Tulip was started in Humboldt County where the salty air meets the lush balmy Redwoods. Our many rivers rage through mountains of tight knit communities living off the grid. Its a different world up here in Humboldt, one only fully understood when someone physically comes here for the experience.

My post this week will give you all a small peek at what we have here, and as this blog continues I can get into depth on topics like Saving the Redwoods, camping, hiking, farms, culinary delights, herbalism and Humboldt's infamous counter culture lifestyle.

Yesterday after work my fiancé and I went out to the beach with the dogs.  I haven't had much time to go there in the last several weeks, having just been traveling and doing a big trade show! I was able to take a moment to myself on a rock overlooking a tide pool.  The glassy serenity of it all was intoxicating with soft waves as the tide descended. Humboldt beaches are rugged.  The type where massive boulders sit out only 100 feet from the shore.  They even have their own community of Redwoods upon them. They are ancient and bring peace.  I looked down at the tide pool area and noticed something.  It wasn't what I saw, but what I did not see.  Life.  I'm sad to say that our beaches have taken a downturn since Fukushima. We read all of the media's fear mongering about what the radiation is doing to us and our environment, but do we witness these affects? I am no scientist so I cannot say what has caused this, but where are all the mussels? And anemone's? Perhaps a few here and there but not as it used to be.

Humboldt's Redwoods as you all know are also ancient.  To be amongst them is to bare witness to the prehistoric.  No person can deny the power one feels in their presence. It gets to your core and leaves a mark.  I am happy to announce that Tulip has decided, as a part of our new "give back" program to donate a percentage of sales to Saving the Redwoods!  This will allow us to donate to many organizations that support the eco-systems of the Redwoods, including watershed restoration and protection, forestry programs and environmental protection non profits in our area.  Spiritually this makes sense for me.  Of all the times Ive spent frolicking amongst my Redwood friends, Im sure they have spoken to me, and surely asked for my help. When the Trilliums bloom in spring, they thank the sun for another year upon return.  Trilliums only grow amongst the Redwoods and we wouldn't have them without their embracing parents.

As we move forward with our program, one of our first calls to action is a local non profit called Eel River Clean up Project.

(ERCP) - click here for the eel river clean up project on Facebook

 Some local Southern Humboldt friends of mine decided to get together and do something hand on about the enormous illegal dumping of trash that has been happening on the river for decades.  Its really incredible what they have accomplished.  A cleaner healthier Humboldt is their motto.  This couldn't resonate any more with me and my core values.

Some history on the Eel.                                                      

The river and its tributaries form the third largest watershed entirely in California, draining a rugged area of 3,684 square miles (9,540 km2) in five counties. The river flows generally northward through the Coast Ranges west of the Sacramento Valley, emptying into the Pacific Ocean about 10 miles (16 km) downstream from Fortuna and just south of Humboldt Bay. The river provides groundwater recharge, recreation, and industrial, agricultural and municipal water supply. Since the early 20th century, the Eel River has been dammed in its headwaters to provide water, via inter-basin transfer, to parts of Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. During the 1950s and 1960s, there was great interest in building much larger dams in the Eel River system, in order to provide water for the State Water Project. Although the damming would have relieved pressure on California's overburdened water systems, it stirred up decades of controversy, as some of the proposals made little economic sense and would have been detrimental to an ailing salmon run. The Eel was granted federal Wild and Scenic River status in 1981, formally making it off limits to new dams.[10] Nevertheless, logging, grazing, road-building and other human activities continue to significantly affect the watershed's ecology. (WIKIPEDIA)   




Its time for me to get back to work, Im mixing up some minty fragrances today.  Love my mints! Eucalyptus is so therapeutic and really does it all for me! Check out our Enlighten Mint from the Charmed Collection!  It helps with headaches, stress, colds, allergies and mosquitos.

Blessings and a Bright day to you all,



Natural Products Expo West ~The Beauty of it All ~

Greetings Everyone!

What an amazing last week we have had here at Tulip! After my trip to Minneapolis to Target Headquarters, we set off to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West!  Being our second year at the show I knew what to expect and had done things differently this time around!  Instead of driving down a rental van packed with booth materials (14 hours one way), we flew! We were brave and shipped the booth down this year and it was so worth it.  We used the GES freight option and they were extremely helpful in the process.  The show was a hit!  We had many people coming directly to see us, having already looked us up or heard about Tulip Perfume.  I was thrilled with their responses.  Ive never seen so many women smell my perfumes and have a total emotional reaction.  I think what I have achieved is the ability to create scents that remind people of someone or somewhere.  This can be a very powerful thing. Our Tea Rose seems to remind many of their grandmothers house or bedroom.  One woman's eyes filled with tears at remembering, and then mine filled with tears too.  It truly is a human experience to remember fondly our loved ones and all the memories.  

tulip's charmed collection created a stir with our whimsical earthy displays, and chunky stunning amethyst crystals abound.

At the show we were invited to sing karaoke one night at a whole foods party! Wow, and that is exactly what I did! Those of you that know me, know that i love karaoke!  I sang some songs and had some good conversation with fellow industry leaders.  Expo west brought so many new people my way, new connections which i see as being long lasting relationships.  I am excited to share more as they unfold.

So what were some of my favorite products at the show this year?? Easy!

Acure Organics! A new and very clean skin & haircare line based out of florida.

beautiful products by acure!

beautiful products by acure!

scotch naturals--natural nail polish! revolutionizing the nail care industry-with a most non toxic and water based line of beautiful nail lacquers.

Mid-West and travel tips

This weekend I returned from Minneapolis, where I met with Beauty buyers at Target Headquarters.  They were very friendly and hospitable. My entire time there I found everyone to be the same.  I met many locals who were born and raised in Minnesota, and they all had a common kindness I found endearing.

Oh but the climate there!! It was -15 when I got off the plane!  Each day the temperatures remained cold and dry.  My skin took a beating.  At one point my face was chapped from walking down the street. What were my remedies?

SALVE!!  I make a great skin salve out of jojoba oil, coconut oil, infused herbs and essential oils.  I had this in my purse at all times and used it for face, lips and hands. 

Lip Balm!!  I use Kivi Organics Lip Balm!! I love all of their products! I also had an EOS lip balm in my luggage! 

Target has impressed me lately with the hiring of their new CEO Brian Cornell.  He is taking on a new perspective about what Target guests needs and wants are.  And I have a funny story.  I had just got out of my meeting with Target's fragrance buyer.  It was a great meeting.  I was leaving the offices and ended up out in the Skyway System, in between restaurants and shops.  I was looking for a restroom.  I see a man coming toward me on his phone.  He was the first person closest to me and he looked like he knew where he was going.  I stopped him politely and asked "Can you please tell me where the restroom is?"  He stopped and looked around and smiled and began to say he wasn't sure where it was from there.  I realized very quicky after asking him, that he was Target's CEO Brian Cornell!  He was very polite and had a friendliness to him.  I thanked him and let him on his way.  I couldn't believe that I had asked the CEO of Target where the restrooms were!  How funny! See below an image of Minneapolis Skywalk system

Restaurants i recommend in Minneapolis! 


the union rooftop

Surdyk's-minneapolis airport

I want to thank the hyatt regency there for being so helpful and accommodating.  I would most definitely return there to stay.

Have a lovely weekend!



Sexy Valentine and Moving Forward

Today another Monday rolls around.  And yes, we are moving forward.

That seemed to be the theme for this weekend here in Humboldt.  Whether it was on a business level, relationship, or friendship, moving forward ends up being the best and only way to survive.

Tulip has been invited to a very important meeting in another state, to meet with a major brick and mortar retailer.  In only two short weeks we have had to pull together our team, create a strategic plan, create an investment portfolio, a product road-map and a powerful presentation to demonstrate why Tulip is so right for their stores, and for the beauty industry in general.  This is MOVING FORWARD!  It is the natural progression of all things.  When you work so hard on something for so long there ends up being an enormous amount of momentum behind you, that eventually pops and sends you flying into space. GRATITUDE can be our only mantra. Given this amount of work we are doing, I am finding it hard to sleep! I have back tension and headaches.  This too is part of the process! This kind of growth and "moving forward" can be very stressful and hard to manage.  So what am I doing to take care of myself? BATHS! WALKS! SEX!

Yes you heard me, sex.  It is the #1 stress reliever.  If you are fortunate to have a loving partner or someone you trust, sex can help reduce your stress levels.  A little Lavender Rose Oil by Tulip helps calm the senses and create a bond between two people. We have had several customers coming back for more Lavender Rose from our Charmed Collection, because they said they use it for massaging their partner!  This is great news. we had a local car salesman come in for this product for his wife.  turns out he used it to set the mood for a romantic interlude, and she sent her friends here to get some too! she must have been pleased with the results!  This product is fabulous and turning out to be a BEST SELLER!  It is French Lavender and Rose Absolute Essential Oils in an organic Jojoba base.  It's the purest of the pure! It was a happy Valentine's day here in humboldt.  hope you found love, in whatever form it came to you!



victoria england


A Windy Weekend!

We survived a massive storm here in Humboldt County, CA this weekend! Winds of 60 MPH ripped through our little coastal streets taking out power lines, fences, trees, you name it. My fiancé's mother lives on 3 acres in the Redwoods up the hill from the little fishing village of Trinidad.  She was lucky to have missed a 30 foot top of a Redwood tree falling 6 inches from the house.  It took out all of her power, large portion of fencing and chicken coop..chickens are fine :)

I was fortunate to not have lost power this weekend and spent time drinking hot cinnamon tea and diving into the worm hole of social media.  On Friday Tulip had some big press and I was able to see how fast the "buzz feed" works.  Here's a link to our article in the Times Standard: http://www.times-standard.com/general-news/20150205/local-mixologists-products-launch-on-targetcom

I also did a TV Interview with fox 28.  See link: http://www.krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/news/tulip-goes-nationwide/31147826 it was certainly an experience to do the interview! I was very nervous and worried that i wouldn't be able to speak as eloquently as usual about my company!  but i pulled through and the piece is very good.

twitter had some interesting turns this weekend as people started seeing tulip in the press.  we gained many new followers!  we have been making twitter relationships and that makes me happy.  a few to mention...la vanila, a natural fragrance and body care company whom i admire a great deal, vegan beauty review, cult of pretty, jane daly, just to name a few whom are beauty bloggers. its great to finally connect with the natural beauty portal in social media. 

My favorite deodorant!

My favorite deodorant!

vegan beauty review had tweeted a segment about vegan beauty products at target!  I chimed in and said, "Us too", just online!  Here is there blogpost:


I hope that they get a chance to review some of our beautiful perfumes!  target has been making a major effort to join the green beauty movement, and i applaud that!

Overall its been a great weekend.  Windy walks on the beach both Sat and sun, dinner with my girlies at brick and fire in eureka, one of humboldt's best restaurants! And of course social media buzz and fun!

Hope you all have a happy week! stay dry and warm and smiley!


Victoria England

Tulip CEo and Founder

To Blog or not to Blog..That is the Question!

Hello friends.

I am Victoria England, the owner of Tulip Perfume and I welcome you here!

This is my first blog post so bare with me. I have often considered doing a blog for our website but have only just decided to make this task a priority.  You may ask why? Seemingly today it's crucial to take all opportunity to share information with your customers and potential businesses partners. However, the truth is that most small businesses like Tulip don't have the time to tackle social media, blog posts and newsletters.

We strive to share the best quality products for you all, But lately Ive been asking myself, "Are we also striving to bring them the best information about these types of products, and the industry in general?"

Today I'm starting this...as the owner of this company I will continue to grow and expand my own knowledge about natural beauty products and the industry, and I will share with you my findings.

I will also share with you my community.  Humboldt County is a rich and diverse place and there is a lot happening here that the rest of the world should see.  Along with myself there are hundreds of entrepreneurs crafting and creating amazing things behind the Redwood curtain.  I'd like you to also meet them! Perhaps you'll be inspired to come to the majestic Redwood Coast of California to see for yourself.

In the mean time, as you may now start to google flights to Arcata. (That's ACV Airport for those about to check it out), please stay tuned for more on our blog!

Today's finding are this:  Cucumbers over the eyes ACTUALLY works to reduce inflammation!  I cant believe it!  I did some tests after a night of one too many champagnes and not much sleep.  I saw a reduction in puffiness and tired eyes.  I wanted to share that because of course we have all heard this works, but have we actually tried it?  Organic Cucumber is better. :)