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Aenean eu leo Quam
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Tulip's Charmed Collection is for the little witch in all of us that adores potions, spells and smells. Maintaining our connection with Nature with perfume oils can give us a sense of being, a sense of wonder.  

Our true power comes from within, from any walk of life. Some Food for Thought....

  • Keep the Magic Alive!                                        
  • Don't Take Things Personally
  • Be Kind to Others
  • Connect
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Don't Be Afraid of Change
  • Never Give Up Your Dreams
  • What You Do to/for others Comes Back Three-Fold.


Pikake                                                           Redwood Forest

Tea Rose                                                       Sea

Divine Ivy                                                    Lavender Rose Love Potion No. 9 (100% Essential Oil)

Hermione's Spell                                         Banishing Rosemary Mint (100% Essential Oil)

Lavish Patchouli




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